Cloud Solutions

Whatever your role is in business, modern cloud computing technology can help you see new business opportunities and innovate faster. Our easy to use and affordable Cloud Solutions are helping businesses, big and small, solve their day to day problems with ease.


Cloud Server for Web/Email hosting

Don’t have technical knowledge or skills to configure and manage an email and web server?  Don’t worry!!! We will take care of it.

No matter how big or small your company is.  Just tell us how much storage you need and we will take care of everything.   Call us today at +1 (847) 818-8403.

Cloud based – web based – FTP server for your clients

Does your clients email files to you?  Does your clients legacy/cumbersome FTP to send you files? Do you produce electronic documents that you need to send to your clients and employees?  We have the best solution available!!!

Show-off with our state-of-the-art solution that will allow your clients to log in to your web site and upload their files securely.  The solution allows you to upload multiple large files with ease.  No need to spend countless hours instructing how to use your FTP server.  SAVE TIME AND MONEY!!!


  • Admin can create users and reset passwords for your clients.  A user can only see their files.
  • Send link to download files with or without password
  •  Limit space allowed per user
  • Delete files

Call us today +1 (847) 818-8403 for more details.

Cloud based online backup

Your data is the most important digital asset.  Protect it from loss from fire or disk failure.  Backup your data to our cloud based server solution.

Call us today +1 (847) 818-8403 for more details.