Application Release Management System (ARMS)

Managing the release and deployment of applications in an enterprise has become more challenging than ever before. Today, leading companies around the globe are addressing the resurgence of application release management by developing various home grown scripts. Take a look at our state-of-the-art Application Release Management System. This unique solution can be customized to manage your release management on your Java or .Net application server environments with ease.

Best automated WebSphere Deployment Tool available for WebSphere Application Deployment and IIS Application Deployment.  Use the industry leader  Application Release Manager System (ARMS) by TSI.  ARMS is an easy to use, web based, deployment and release management tool that allows enterprises to manage their application life cycle efficiently.  Schedule your deployments.  Email notifications with complete logs of deployment history.  A single deployment process may include may be configured with steps like ear deployment to WebSphere, JNLP customization, upload/synchronize files between Unix/Linux and Windows, restart servers, email notifications, etc.

TSI can help you customize the system to your needs.